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A simple description of the differences between re-manufactured, compatible, original and refilled toner cartridges.

Refilling of toner cartridges is a service supplied by some high street shops and involves the refilling of the consumable toner with an equivalent. The is a low cost solution, however, the moving parts in a cartridge are designed to last long enough for one amount of toner use and are likely to give problems such as leakage and poor printing quality.

A re-manufactured toner uses the body of a used original unit but has worn items replaced with new. This gives an almost new cartridge that will last as long as the new toner it comes with. This is the best environment friendly option as it saves a great deal of plastic materials. The print quality is just as good as the manufacturer's original and sometimes they may include a little more toner than standard to give a longer life. Re-manufactured toner cartridges are much cheaper than the originals and are of similar quality.

Compatible cartridges are the same as the manufacturer's but made by an alternative factory. Ours are made to the ISO9000 quality assurance standard. The toners are cheaper than the original and of similar quality.

Manufacturer's original cartridges (OEM) are all new products and not made from recycled parts. They will cost much more and have no real advantage over compatible cartridges.

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