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Paper Handling

1. If your envelopes crinkle when printing through a laser printer, it might be because they are not of even thickness for the printer to grip properly. To get around this print with the flaps open. You may also like to place a folded piece of paper inside the envelope to pad it out.

Colour Printing

1. If your colours look washed out or are not a close match to what you were expecting it might be because the pigments used in the cartridges are not closely matched to the original OEM colours. This is common in refilled cartridges where the vendor has a one set of refill powder and liquid. The solution is not to use refilled, but to use good quality compatible, re-manufactured or original cartridges.


1. Using compatible or re-manufactured toners cannot void a manufacturers' warranty as some will claim. This is against competition laws in Europe, Canada and the USA, However, they will discourage users to try compatible and re-manufactured cartridges as the printer manufacturers make huge profits from overpriced consumables.

Inkjet Printers

1. Do not let your inkjet print head dry out. If you are not likely to print for 2 to 3 weeks, follow the instruction manual to remove the cartridge and wrap in cling film. When re-installing follow the instructions and run the maintenance procedure to calibrate and maintain the ink flow.

2. Mixing cartridges from different suppliers can give unsatisfactory results. This is due to unmatched colour pigments or incompatible ink mixes. Instead replace cartridges together from one supplier.

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