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Frequent Paper Jams

Samsung CLP320 and CLP325 Printer
If you have a Samsung CLP320 or CLP325 printer and get frequent paper jams, it may be due to a faulty position sensor. This also affects similar printers such as the CLP310, CLP315, CLX3175 and CLX3185 models. There is a position sensor located to the rear and top of the printer that determines when a piece of paper is being fed through. This sensor is easy to replace as a DIY job if you can get the spare part. Doing it yourself will save a call-out fee only cost the price of the part at about £10. The Samsung part number is 0604-001393 and is available from Samsung parts distribution. There is a very good youtube video that shown the replacement procedure which takes about 15 minutes at

Toner Banding of Fading

This could just be down to uneven distribution of toner in the cartridge which is elevated by shaking the cartridge a few times. There does appear to be a design flaw with the manufacturer's original toners as the toner does not feed sideways sufficiently to keep up an efficient supply. Shaking a few times seems to solve this problem but has to be done every 50 pages or so.

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