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Low or Empty Toner Warning

Epson Aculaser M2000 Printer
The Epson Aculaser M2000 series printers are popular as a cheap and reliable printer and fortunately, not many problems have been reported by users. One annoying problem that occurs for some users is when they replace the toner cartridge for a new one and forget to push down the light-blue locking lever. When this is not secured the printer will report that the toner is low or empty. The solution is to remove the toner and replace, pushing down the locking lever before shutting the cover.

Printer Cover will Not Shut

Another problem that has been reported to us is when a user replaces the toner cartridge but fails to remove the orange protective sticker. With this sticker in place the cartridge will not locate down far enough to shut the printer cover. As a result the user thinks the cartridge is not compatible with their printer.

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