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In 2002, the European remanufacturing industry passed Article 4 which legislates against the sole use of non-original toners. The article also covers the chip – so that manufacturers cannot block the use of non-originals. This was also designed to even out the competition because without it the original manufacturer could block the use of any compatibles.

The ‘Guidance on selling IT goods and services at a distance’ from the UK government states that:

“…printer warranties be amended if they contained terms invalidating the warranty if consumers used ink cartridges not made by the printer manufacturer…”

The crux of this is that the printer manufacturer has to PROVE that damage was caused by the compatible or remanufactured toner, it does not put the onus on the supplier or customer has to prove that it was not.

However, if you have bought an extended warranty, you should check the wording on that warranty as these warranties can prevent you from using compatibles. On the other hand, American law states that this is illegal; it is relevant to the UK in that it can be applied to printers from US manufacturers (for example, HP printers).

The compatible and remanufactured toners sold by tonerpeople are all quality controlled and are covered by our no-quibble guarantee. We hope that this, and the above, information will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you can buy from us knowing that you have a high-quality, reliable product.

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